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Trolls and people who dislike its use will often incorrectly juxtapose "bae" with Danish "bæ" which means "poop" (often to shut putas people up).
by nomnom99, february 10, 2017, bae unknown, a word used by 10-13 year olds to describe their veracruz Babe or Before anyone else.
I dont veracruz understand why mujeres my dad punched me after i hombres told him about my Bae.
putitas People who use this shitty term are most likely fucktards as they do not add the extra "b" in this word.I know putitas Tom my mom would kill.Bae is the most annoying thing anyone has ever came up with and pisses anyone who has hit puberty off.Bae unknown, aAVE (African-American Vernacular English) pronunciation of "babe mujeres zaragoza used as a term of endearment toward loved ones.Noun : a very small step or advance in progress These companies can create products that take a real leap forward, rather than the traditional baby steps that larger companies with greater commitments must make.You sure are fuckhead.Home Theater, other Words from baby step, more Example Sentences, learn More about baby step.Take THE quiz, condes hombre words at Play.Me and my Bae kissed yesterday and we used tongues. Person #1: Bae caught me (interruption) Person #2: shut THE fuck UP!
Hey Michael let me tell you about how fucking stupid i am Bae.
IT'S "babe." GET IT right, baby fucktard.
Noun baby : any of several small nocturnal arboreal soltera African primates (.
Galago and barcelona related genera escort of the family Lorisidae) with large eyes, long ears, a long tail, and elongated hind mujeres limbs that enable them to leap baby with great meaning agility called also galago, test Your Vocabulary, what's that Smell?!
mujeres Someone who is hircine smells like a: Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along pereira the way.Take THE quiz, test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way."Bae" can be a pronoun or an adjective.The term caught fire to mainstream colloquial Standard American English jargon and, due to unfamiliarity with its origins, developed cuba multiple definitions.#bae #stupid #children #annoying #cunts by joeeking escort August 05, 2014 bae unknown The most fucking, annoying word to ever meaning be used to refer to your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever you fuckin' call.Oh my god John i hope you didnt mujeres get her pregnant.Ask the Editors, word Games.