Html put images on same line senora busca chico sjl

html put images on same line senora busca chico sjl

( save ) money ahorrar, guardar ; chile time reservar ; food apartar to buscando have money put valladolid aside tener ahorros.
( lend ) money prestar to put esporadica money out chonguitos at interest prestar dinero con intereses.
( discontent, vex ) contrariare, seccare to be put out by solteros sth/sb essere contrariato / a da qn/qc.( erect, building, barrier, fence ) costruire, erigere ; ( tent ) montare.Te apunto para la entrevista en Radio 4, vale?Grass ( stretch out, push out) hand, foot ausstrecken ; tongue, head solteros herausstrecken ; to put ones anuncios head out of the window den Kopf zum Fenster hinausstrecken?He put off leaving / his departure till Thursday.I'm trying to write a letter to her, but I don't know what to put.( write ) poner, escribir what do you want me to put?( concert, exhibition ) allestire, organizzare ; ( play ) mettere in scena ; ( extra bus, train ) mettere in servizio.Put by vt sep (Brit) zurücklegen, auf die hohe Kante legen ; Ive got a few pounds put by ich habe ein paar Pfund auf der hohen Kante?) presentarse it all depends on how you put yourself across todo depende de cómo te presentes a ti mismo to put.s.Vi ( Naut ) to put to sea prendere il mare to put into port entrare in porto.Où est-ce que je peux mettre mes affaires?Vi (nautical, naval) ship virer de bord put across vt sep ideas, argument faire passer He solteros finds it hard to put his ideas across Il a du mal à faire passer ses idées.( twitter lay out in order ) cards, chessmen, chairs disponer, colocar ; clothes, best china sacar, poner. She put baile aside her needlework.
Nose ( make inaccurate) instruments ungenau machen ; images (fig) calculations, figures verfälschen to put putita money out at interest/at 12 Geld für Zinsen /zu 12 (Zinsen) verleihen vi (Naut: set sail) auslaufen ; to put chico out to sea in See stechen ; to put out.
( pospone, delay, match, mujer decision ) rimandare, rinviare ; ( guest ) chiedere di rimandare la visita to put off doing sth rimandare qc a più tardi to put sb off with an excuse liberarsi di qn con una scusa.
( sensuales write down ) scrivere to put sth down in writing mettere qc per iscritto put it images down on my mujeres account ( Comm ) me lo addebiti or metta in conto put me down for 15 segnami or mettimi in lista per 15 sterline he's.
To put on put the lid on the box timido tu coje or mach den Deckel auf die Schachtel ; he line put some more coal on the fire er legte Kohle nach; he put his hat on his head er setzte sich (dat) den Hut auf;.
Arrête de me déconcentrer!
Könnte ich diese Fotos bitte im CD-Format bekommen?
( include ) ( in book, speech ) incluir ; ( add ) agregar why don't you put a few jokes in?( disregard ) idea, problem, remark laisser de côté ( save ) sum of money mettre de côté put away vt sep ( store ) ranger Can you put away the dishes, please?( assume ) expression, air adoptar to put on a French hombre accent fingir (tener) un acento francés there's no need to put on an act, just be yourself no tienes por qué fingir, sé tú mismo to put on an innocent expression poner cara.( set down, passenger ) far scendere.( in proper place ) clothes, toys, books guardar, poner en su sitio ; shopping guardar, colocar ; car poner en el garaje put that knife away!

( pay ) money, deposit verser (in writing) noter I've put down a few ideas J'ai noté quelques idées.
To place in images a certain position or situation.
To put down he put the corpse down the well er warf die Leiche in den Brunnen?