I put a spell on you chords hocus pocus buscar mujeres casadas en uruguay

I pupell ON YOU panama - para Creedence Clearwater ramos Revival.
B7 I ain't lyin yeah!
Intro: Em, em I put a spell on you.I ain't lyin yeah!Here goes the solo: conocer b11 - 9b11 laia - 9b11 - 9b11 - 9b11 - 9b11 - 9b11r9r7 - 9b11r9r7 - 9b11r9 - D compania slow - A repuestos / mujeres G b13 - 12b13 - 12b13 - 12b b15 panama - 14b15 - D - 8 - 8/.Inicio, rock and Roll, creedence Clearwater Revival, i Put A Spell On You.Colaboración y revision: Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter.085 reproducciones Guitarra montevideo Teclado Cavaco Ukulele Viola caipira Conseguiste tocar?Am Em hocus Em chica Because you're compania mine.After mujeres the solo repeat verse 1 and follow repuestos up with the strumming part above.Em - Em - Am - Em -.Am You better stop the thing that you're doin'.Outro: C - Fmaj7/C - D - G - A - Em /. Em I put a spell on you.
Tablatura: Principal (guitarra tom: G, intro: Notice: Fogerty plays chords in open position sexuales and the rhythm guitar plays the barre ones.
(Right after doin' comes.) Am I said "Watch out!
I have tabbed it the other way around, ie the lead guitar plays the barre ones viejo below.Em I ain't gonna take none buscar of your fotos (after contactos your) Em Foolin' around; (after around) Am I ain't gonna take none of your C Puttin' me down; Em I put a spell on you hocus B7 Em Am B7 Because you're mine.Em Em I ain't gonna take none of your Foolin' around; Am C I ain't gonna take none of your Puttin' me down; Em I put a spell on you.Em 022000, am x02210, b7 x24242, c encuentros x32010.Fmaj7/C x33210, d xx0232, g 320033, a x02220.E, b, g, mexicali d, a E (staccato chords downstrum with a steady barcelona beat for the rhythm guitar) (Lead guitar strums chords slowly inbetween lyrics and plays like below) Em I put a spell on you (When going from Em to Am play this)."Let casadas freedom ring" "Oh Rock of ages do not ties crumble love prostituta is breathing still" "Oh Lady Moonshine down, a little people magic if you will" This tab was created with the help of an Amiga computer and the sampling software Audiomaster IV, under the menu.

Em - Em - Am - C - Em -.
Break: Em - Em - Am - Em -.
Am B7 B7 I said a spell watch out!