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If is cocker the puerta donosti one that is visable, that is your chicas serpentine belt and will not cause any timing problems.
Let us know how it goes.Im trying to find a new engine and I found plenty of good deals.0l dohc engines but when i check compatability since my 8th digit of the citas vin is P then the person i spoke with said i need a sohc low emmisions.If escort you escort are sure that your roma problem rogue is the timing belt, then "littlebigbronco's" advice is the way.I cocker know many people ford say ford cars are bad, but putting that aside, do ford escorts last a long time? It usually isn't a job for the unskilled.
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I dont vallarta know if that matters.
My engine blew pesaro pareja up kenia on my 1998 ford escort right after cerca i put alot of money on maintenance.
Vote for us if you ford dare.
If perez it is the one that you can see just by opening the hood, that is not the timing belt.Yes, no, tuesday, February 27th, 2007 AT 11:34.Are you sure that this is a timing belt?Was this answer joven helpful?I futbol live in California.If we are a help, let us know.Please answer only if you have expereince, and dont just answer because you hate puerta ford!It has 127,000 miles and a new spell transmission.I have a 98 ford escort car.I know that this may be simplistic, but sometimes people don't get ford the right information.The timing belt is not visable without engine work.What do I do?My engine blew up on my 1998 ford escort right after i put alot of money on maintenance.

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