Put on patriots game i put ketchup on my ketchup t shirt

( pareja save ) money ahorrar, guardar.
( repel, smell ) disgustare.
( inform, indicate ) to putita put sb on to sb/sth tocar indicare qn/qc a qn she put us on to you è torreon lei che ci ha detto di rivolgerci a te torreon who put the police on to him?Me podría guardar pendeja or reservar or apartar rusas como uno?Don't put yourself out for my sake!Put forward vt sep ( propose) idea, suggestion, plan vorbringen ; mujeres person (for job etc) vorschlagen ; pareja (as candidate) aufstellen ; ( nominate) vorschlagen ; he put himself/his name forward for the job er hat sich für buscando buscando den Posten angeboten (esp Brit: advance) date, meeting. ( devote, expend ) time dedicar she puts in shirt an hour a pamplona day at the piano le dedica al piano una hora al día I've put laferrere in a lot of time on it le he dedicado mucho tiempo a esto, he empleado mucho tiempo.
Forward for a job presentarse como candidato para un puesto.
To put (a)round he put his head (a)round the door er steckte den Kopf zur Tür shirt herein?
To fix on a wall etc.
( delay ) development, progress retrasar, atrasar this citas will waco put us back 10 years esto nos retrasará 10 años he has been put back a class or year ( Scol ) tiene que repetir el curso.
( cause to ketchup be maduras ) to put sb lactando in a good/bad mood mettere relacion qn patriots di buon / cattivo umore to put sb ketchup in charge of sth incaricare qn di qc to put sb to a lot of trouble dare ketchup un sacco da fare.
( esp US ) ( deceive ) engañar you're putting me on, aren't you?
To put a question to sb rivolgere una domanda a.Down hacerse de menos, rebajarse you must stop putting yourself down debes dejar de hacerte de menos or rebajarte.Est-ce que vous pouvez mettre ça de côté pour madrid moi jusqu'à demain?His personal habits put her off Ses habitudes"diennes la dégoûtaient.Are you putting in for that job?( confine ) ( in prison ) meter en la cárcel, encerrar ; ( in asylum ) encerrar en un manicomio.( estimate ) évaluer to put sth at sth She puts its value at around 1000 Elle l'évalue à environ 1000 livres.Vt adv ( circulate, news, rumour ) mettere in giro.Könnten Sie ihn mir geben?( raise ) hand lever to put one's hand up lever la main If you have any questions, put up your hand Si vous avez une question, levez ketchup la main.To put to sea (Naut) in See stechen phrasal verbs?Did you put in your reasons for wanting to go?( offer ) to put sth up for sale mettere in vendita qc they put up a struggle hanno opposto resistenza.

To put in to put something in a drawer etw in eine Schublade tun or legen ; he put his hand in his pocket er steckte die Hand in die Tasche ; he put his toe in the water er steckte seinen Zeh ins Wasser.
Könnten Sie am Wochenende ein paar Stunden Arbeit einschieben?; he put in a lot of hard work on the project er hat eine Menge harter Arbeit in das Projekt gesteckt ; he always puts in a good days work er schafft jeden game Tag ein ordentliches.
( devote, expend, time ) passare, dedicare to put in a few extra hours fare qualche ora in più to put in a good day's work fare una bella giornata di lavoro.