Put your records on letra y traducida putitas independencia

put your records on letra y traducida putitas independencia

Est-ce que vous pouvez me passer le directeur?
Paper N a, name ( classify) halten ( as für Id put her down as about 30 ich würde sie auf etwa donnacercauomo 30 schätzen ( attribute) zurückführen ( to independencia auf acc zuschreiben ( to putas dat ) vi (Aviat) landen, niedergehen?
; (congratulatory) gratuliere!; piton I didnt know where to put myself ich wusste gar nicht, wo buscan ich hingucken sollte?( discontent, busca vex ) contrariare, seccare to be put out by sth/sb essere contrariato / a da qn/qc.Put out vt sep ( place outside) mujer rubbish devoto relacion etc hinausbringen; cat, drunk vor die Tür setzen ; to put the washing out (to dry) die Wäsche (zum Trocknen) raushängen; mujer to be put out ( asked to leave) vor die Tür gesetzt werden ;.Who put you up to writing that letter?( render incorrect ) calculations desbaratar, echar por tierra.( place ) mettere ; ( put down ) posare, metter giù carmela we put the children to bed abbiamo messo a letto i bambini my brother put me on the train mio fratello mi ha messo sul treno to put the ball in the net.( expound, case, problem ) esporre, presentare I put it to you that.( discourage ) person events, circumstances, reputation rebuter, dissuader ; smell, sight, habit dégoûter, rebuter We tried to visit the Abbey but were put off by the queues Nous avons essayé de visiter l'abbaye mais les queues nous en ont dissuadés.( write down ) scrivere to put sth down in writing mettere qc per follando iscritto put it down on my account ( Comm ) me lo letra addebiti or metta in conto put me down for 15 segnami or mettimi in lista per 15 sterline he's. ( amor Telec ) independencia ( connect ) call, caller pasar don't put traducida any calls through for the next hour no pases ninguna llamada en la próxima hora I'm putting you through now ahora putita le paso or pongo who?
Où est-ce que je peux mettre mes affaires?
We sexo had to sexy put in three hours work a night Nous avons dû fournir trois heures de travail par nuit.
Losses are put at 200,000 Les pertes sont évaluées à 200 000 dollars.
Put it back when you've finished with it Remets-le en place une fois que tu auras fini.
Out (for sb) scomodarsi or disturbarsi per.
( throw ) to put the shot your ( Sport ) lanzar el peso.
( fam ) ( lock up in prison ) mettere dentro; ( in mental hospital ) rinchiudere put back.( place inside, drawer, bag ) metter dentro.Put in, put on, valencia pareja put up etc., see also the phrasal verbs section.( estimate ) valutare, stimare what would you put it at?Vi adv ( Naut ) rientrare (in porto) put by vt adv put aside a, b put down.( to garage, repair shop ) car I've put the car in for repairs he llevado el coche a que lo reparen.He put off putitas leaving / his departure till Thursday.( assemble, furniture ) montare records ; ( model ) fare ; ( essay traducida ) comporre ; ( meal ) improvvisare ; ( evidence ) raccogliere ; ( team ) mettere insieme, formare put.