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Whore Puta, solo witch Bruja, you escort are a bitch Eres puta una perra.
No more exams, peludas ever!).
Casa COM (empresa.2.Ż arnes escort vulg puto (-a) przymiot.What is chinga tu puta madre in English?What is the English translation of madrid no me hables puta tengo esposa?There trujillo is a test today!).However, traduccion you can also say "la puta ama" madrid as a standalone traduccion expression, which means traduccion "fucking madrid great "fucking cool or anything similiar. Senior Member, english, sep 4, putas 2011, i'm not Spanish, but.
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Spanish name calling, puta generally directed at putas females.
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What is pendejo in English?
English to Spanish Swear Words and Extreme Insults: Notes: You can also view this list of insults and swear words with translations from.
No más exámenes, jamás!What is the English translation madres of vete a putas la english verga culero?This web page is filled madres with extreme English to Spanish insults and swear words.#puta #madre #carrajo #mierda #perra by Carlokoz The Don December 01, 2005 puta madre unknown casado "puta" is Spanish's Castilian word for fuck and " madre " is a word in spanish used for mom and spanish in English's point of view "switches" the descriptive word.Puta madre Chil vulg sl: puto2rzeczow.Tu tienes un maravilloso nariz!What does pinche puta mean in English?But all you really need to know is that madres that if it is directed at some one it is an offense if at no one or randomly said it is an exclamation.You can say to someone "eres el puto amo" (to male) or "eres la puta ama" (to a female) and the best translation mujeres into colloquial British English I can think of is "you are the fucking business".Retard / Idiot / Stupid, spanish insults for times when a person's intelligence is in question.Sep 4, 2011, we also say de puta madre but only when it comes to either a party or an event for example: Cómo estubo la fiesta?Profesor, eres la puta madre!This page will also answer questions like, 'What does.Puto attr vulg sl (uso expletivo.1.

Puto Esp vulg sl (cabrón.
Puto vulg sl Esp (difícil, malo.2.